“Against Drunk Driving”

Artists Against Drunk Driving — AADD

Bikers Against Drunk Driving — BADD

Boaters Against Drunk Driving — BADD

Bouncers Against Drunk Driving

Brittany Nation Against Drunk Driving

Citizens Against Drunk Driving — CADD

Drunks Against Drunk Driving

Fadd Families Against Drunk Driving

Fathers Against Drunk Driving

Friends Against Drunk Driving

Husbands Against Drunk Driving — HADD

Lawyers Against Drunk Driving — LADD

Mothers Against Drunk Driving — MADD
These links say MADD even if the chapter name says Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Only USA chapters are included. MADD Canada doesn’t promote bigotry and unprovoked, government-sponsored violence against people born during the past 21 years.

Anchorage, Alaska Chapter of MADD

MADD California

MADD Georgia

MADD Hawaii

MADD Los Angeles Chapter

MADD Louisiana State Office

MADD McLean County Illinois

MADD Metroplex (Texas)

MADD Minnesota

MADD Northern Virginia

MADD Ohio Chapter

MADD Orange County Chapter (California)

MADD San Diego

MADD Tennessee State Office

MADD Virginia

Pennsylvania Mothers Against Drunk Driving

NoBAC.Org — Zero Tolerance for DUI

Ontario Against Drunk Driving — OADD

People Affected by Drunk Driving — PADD

Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving — RADD

Students Against Destructive Decisions (Founded as Students Against Drunk Driving) — SADD

Teenagers Against Drunk Driving (

Teens Against Drunk Driving

Links About Victims

Barton-Lewis, Christopher Beau

Brockway, Kevin

Brower, Scott

Carlson, Chad

Clifton, Michael S.

Cunningham, Joseph

Easterbrook, Ashley Marie

Fausett, Teal

Fox, Kyla Marie

Hall, Michael H.

Hopkins, Andrew

Jackson, Donette Rae

Kato, Matthew

Kristi Johnson

Lewis, Kelli Laine

McWilliams, Justin

Mullenbach, Sarah

Precious Gems Memorial

Sands, Wendy and Kimberly

Sikkink, Nicole Marie

Sowers, John L., Sr.

Surber, Steffen Michael

Talbot, Brandy

Urban (Ronde), Barbara Ann

White, David

Other DWI Links

Don’t Drink And Drive (in the city of Ontario, California)

Dori Slosberg Foundation

Drinkers Against Mothers Against Drunk Drivers

DUI Foundation

DUI Foundation (New York)

DUI Hope

DWI Victims Panel

DUI Pictures

DUI Victim’s Voice


Friends Drive Sober

Full Apologies

Ground Control Illumina Records


Stop Impaired Driving

Remove Intoxicated Drivers

Rochester Against Intoxicated Driving (RAID)

Stop Impaired Driving

BAC Records

Anti-liberty Links

Websites promoting the use of a police force as a weapon of unprovoked violence against underage responsible drinkers who are peacefully minding their own business. Not to be confused with the non-violent promotion of abstinence, such as offering alcohol-free graduation parties.

2 Young 2 Drink

Century Council

Indiana Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

International Institute for Alcohol Awareness

Maryland Underage Drinking Prevention Coalition

Minnesota Join Together

Pennsylvanians Against Underage Drinking

Stop Alcohol Abuse

Travis County Underage Drinking Prevention Program

Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center

Traffic Safety Links

FocusDriven Advocates for cell-free driving

Pro-liberty Links

Websites promoting the right of persons born during the past 21 years to drink and not drive.

Americans for a Society Free of Age Restrictions

Choose Responsibility

Dr. Ruth Engs

National Youth Rights Association

Stop The MADDness!

Make Your Own Alcoholic Beverages Links.

Why give your money to an industry that spends money telling your neighbors not to buy for people under 21?

This webmaster strongly encourages the use of accurate equipment to measure the alcohol content of any homemade beverages, to avoid alcohol overdose.

Bader Beer & Wine Supply

Beer Dude

Beer Machine


Brady’s Home Brew

Brewers Association

Brew Wizard

Brew Your Own [free trial issue]

Homebrew Forum



The Brewery Total Homebrewing Information

Other Links.

National Association of Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Attorneys

National Road Safety Foundation, Inc.