DWI driver arraigned Friday

Shelley Wentworth, the Georgetown graduate who killed AU student Andrew Burr in a drunk-driving accident in January, was arraigned Friday.

Wentworth was indicted March 23 on one count of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Burr. Burr was killed when Wentworth's car rammed a vehicle carrying Burr and four other students that stopped at a red light. Her blood alcohol level was .05 above the legal limit, which is .08.

At the arraignment, the charges against Wentworth were read and evidence in support of the charges was introduced.

"Typically what will happen is at the arraignment, the attorney's office will provide the defense attorneys with a packet of evidence and extend a plea offer," said Channing Phillips, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's office. "The plea offer usually expires on the first status date."

The status hearing will be Wentworth's next court appearance. The status hearing, which usually occurs within 30 days of the arraignment, will resolve any outstanding issues and set a trial date.

Wentworth pleaded not guilty at the arraignment. She waived her preliminary hearing on March 5.

Phillips said the case will be ongoing, but will not be resolved as quickly as a case in which the defendant is in custody.

"She's not being held, so it's not on the fastest track," he said.

According to Phillips, these cases usually take a year, but busy court schedules or case developments can extend the process.

"It all depends on the court's calendar and the lawyer's calendar. My guess is it will be set for a trial date later this year," Phillips said.

Wentworth faces up to 30 years in prison and suspension of her driver's license for up to six months, The Eagle previously reported.

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