AU student dies in car accident

AU student Andrew Burr was killed in a car accident involving four other students Sunday night at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Edmunds Street, near the Naval Observatory.

The accident occurred when a Buick Riviera was struck from behind by a Subaru Outback while it was stopped at a red light at about 9 p.m., according to the Metropolitan Police Department. The Subaru was driven by Shelly Wentworth, 22, of 26th Street NW, who was found to have a blood alcohol level of .13, .05 above the legal limit.

Burr, 20, was seated in the back of the Buick along with Kyle Bastanchury, 24, and Ryan Wisnor, 20. Bastanchury was released yesterday from George Washington University Medical Center after being in serious but stable condition. Wisnor, as well as Aram Richard, 20, the driver, and Ahmed Nzibo, 21, a front-seat passenger, were released from Georgetown University Hospital with minor injuries. Nzibo is the son of Yusuf A. Nzibo, the Kenyan ambassador to the United States, Mexico and Canada.

The five students are members of the band Cab Assassin, in which Burr was the lead singer. Burr was a junior international student from Oxford, England in the College of Arts and Sciences, according to Gail Hanson, AU vice president of Campus Life.

Wentworth has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and driving while intoxicated in D.C. Superior Court. She was released on bond Monday afternoon but faces trial Feb. 6, according to WUSA 9 News. Based on the evidence in the case, the U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case argued that Wentworth made no effort to put on the brakes, according to The Washington Post.

Under the terms of her release, Wentworth is not allowed to drink or drive, has a nightly curfew of 2 a.m., and must take part in alcohol counseling and submit to weekly alcohol testing, the Post reported. Wentworth, originally of Centerville, Mass., is a recent graduate of Georgetown University and works at Clyde's in Georgetown, according to WUSA.

The administration is offering professional counseling to any students who knew Burr. Student Confederation President Nick Terzulli offered a statement of condolence to the campus community.

"The [SC] is greatly saddened by the events ... that took the life of one of our fellow students," Terzulli's statement said. "I would like to encourage the students at [AU] to take advantage of the services that this University offers when students are suffering mentally and emotionally from tragedy."

A memorial service for Burr will be scheduled for early next week, according to Jesse Marsden of the Kay Spiritual Life Center. An announcement is expected by Friday. Expressions of condolence may be sent to Burr's family through the University Chaplain, Joe Eldridge.

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