Man admits he struck youths during joyride

The man accused of running down a teen and his friend with a stolen car in Middle Village last year pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges last week.

Kenneth Guyear, 28, of Middle Village, pleaded guilty to first-degree vehicular manslaughter on Thursday.

Robert Ogle, 16, of Middle Village, and his friend, Alex Paul, 20, of Brooklyn, were struck by the stolen silver Kia on Elliott Avenue and 80th Street while walking home from a party on Feb. 1. Ogle was pronounced dead at the scene and Paul died shortly after at Elmhurst Hospital, police said.

“The defendant has admitted his guilt to a terrible and tragic crime and will serve serious prison time, giving him time to reflect upon his reckless actions that resulted in the untimely death of two young men,” Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said. “This case once again underscores the impact of a person’s decision to get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of alcohol.”

Guyear was arrested shortly after the deadly drug- and booze-infused joyride.

Prosecutors said Guyear stole the Kia, left idling near Woodhaven Boulevard and Alderton Street in Rego Park, before speeding away through neighboring Middle Village — eventually striking the teen and his friend.

Guyear was later stopped by police in the now mangled car near Woodhaven Boulevard and Dry Harbor Road, where he allegedly delivered a drunken rant before admitting to drinking, taking pills, stealing the car and hitting both victims.

“I’ve been to Rikers a thousand times.I’m not giving you any more info.I’m homeless.I live on the street.I have a license but it’s revoked.I had three glasses of vodka.The car smells like alcohol but what did I do,” he said, according to police records. “You guys don’t know what you’re doing.You have nothing on me. You’re just locking me up for DWI?I’m gonna have your job.For a black cop you just follow what the white guy tells you to do.”

Guyear blew .126 on a breathalyzer and was taken into custody.

“I was at a party.I had five or six vodka drinks and took two Xanax pills. I stole the car that was parked on the street,” he later admitted, according to court documents. “I drove the car and saw the pedestrians but I didn’tthink I hit anybody.I kept driving and then stopped the car and looked for blood on the car.I kept driving and the police stopped me.”

The young men’s tragic deaths led to new city regulations prohibiting drivers from leaving their cars idling while unattended. The law, passed in November, imposes fines of $250 for a violation.

“Leaving your car running and unattended seems like a minor, careless mistake but all New Yorkers must understand that it is irresponsible, dangerous and potentially deadly,” said Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Middle Village), the bill’s author.

A judge indicated that Guyear will likely receive a maximum sentence of 7 to 15 years in prison during a final hearing on Feb. 23.

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