TV News Segments
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These TV news segments have been selected and placed into a sequence calculated to persuade viewers to make better choices.

The professionals at the TV stations produce the most compelling news segments they can. That’s how to get the best ratings and make the most money. It also happens to be how to save the most lives.

Windows Media Player playlists are .wpl files in XML which can easily be opened with Notepad and understood and edited. The .wpl files themselves are in the public domain, as are the .wmv files on this website, which give the source of the featured news segments. The .wpl files link to copyright material on the TV stations’ web sites. Windows Media Player establishes a connection to the remote server where the segment is saved, and plays the streaming video. Some stations attempt to prevent the saving of these files, but it can be done with WMRecorder:

That allows sharing the compilation with somebody who has a slow connection, and preserving good segments for after the TV station deletes them from their server. Complying with copyright is your responsibility, but this webmaster is confident there is nary a TV station in the United States of America wicked enough to commence legal action against a driver ed teacher who is trying to impress upon the students that they must make good choices.

You may need to use Ctrl+M in Windows Media Player to make the menu bar appear.


Right-click the link and save the underlying file to your hard drive, then open it with Windows Media Player, or copy-and-paste the URL into Windows Media Player. (Ctrl+M if needed, to make the menu bar appear, then FILE and OPEN URL.)

Hey, dummies, get this through your heads: Server stats show some people click the links below and expect the playlist to run, because they aren’t reading the instructions. You have to open Windows Media Player and have it play one of these playlists as per the instructions above. Otherwise, all you see is some XML code in your browser window.

College audience

High school audience

Catholic high school audience

For the playlist for barrooms, Barroom audience

For a single-item playlist of interest to all, Click Here
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