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Subject: RE: Ignition interlock legislation
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Thread-Topic: Ignition interlock legislation
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Dear Tom aka Webmaster udadd,=20
Bigots? You would really need to take up that bold assumption with all =
statistical reporting and science studies folks, federal government, as =
as the public will that supports the 21 drinking age. Your rationale =
Nazis also offered “scientific” studies to justify unprovoked violence against innocent Jewish folks. The support coming from people who are not the victims of the drinking age is no excuse to impose the drinking age on innocent citizens who oppose it.
makes a
rather large leap, a complex equivalence. With regard to espousing your
opinions, you can inform yourself fully.=20

As the debate over the law continues to take place on the national level =
in communities across the country, =

helps educate those who may not understand why the law is so important.
Yeah, if the courts strike down 21, then politicians will have to pass tougher DWI laws...and stop driving drunk.

The site provides all the facts, statistics and studies that support the =
its effectiveness and the undeniable truth that it saves lives. The site =
offers information on how alcohol affects the teen brain, the realities =
underage drinking, facts to common myths and a history of the drinking =
law. =20
Facts and statistics that show that the United States of America should not be a free country? Facts and statistics that show the government has a right to impose the drinking age on innocent people who never consented to it? Get real.
These may be of interest to your research:=20  ,=20,=20 =
Ignition interlocks are readily available and can be installed on any =
As to your self-description as innocent responsible drinker, hated, =
class, I've enver heard those words used in conjuction with parents =
for their child's health and safety, education, and a good start in =
Parents do not have a right to wield the police force as a weapon of unprovoked violence against their sons or daughters who have moved out of the house.
Toni Logan, Communications
MADD Texas State Office
Austin, TX 78704
800 777-6233
Changing attitudes, Saving Lives
MADD is all of us - we're dads, daughters, sons, aunts, uncles, friends =
And mothers. We're  all ages and from all walks of life. We are many =
with one voice, to
eliminate drunk driving, serve victims/survivors and prevent underage
Show your support for MADD by joining us - membership with MADD is free =
- you
can register =20
and set your profile preferences online  =

and volunteer with us
I think I’ll pass


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Sent: Sun 2/10/2008 6:49 PM
To: State, TX; tn, upper-cumberland; MN, Waseca; WENRAE68@YAHOO.COM;
WEST-TENNESSEE.TN@MADD.ORG; West.TX; Western.NY; MN, Winona; MN, Wright
Subject: Ignition interlock legislation

        Senate Bill 535 in West Virginia would allow convicted drunk =
to shorten their license suspension time and start driving legally, if=20
they use an ignition interlock.

        Now what about innocent men and women under 21, who never =
to the drinking age in the first place? Can they shorten their=20
second-class citizenship time, and start drinking legally, if they use=20
one, too?

        Of course not. They?re supposed to use a time machine. =
ignition interlock technology is for the benefit of CRIMINALS ONLY.

        The bigots at MADD seem to like ignition interlocks, but not so =
that they can bring themselves to set aside their intense hatred of=20
anybody under 21 who drinks responsibly.


Tom Alciere
Webmaster, Underage Drinkers Against Drunk Driving